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St Ferdinand Church • 5900 W Barry Ave, Chicago, IL 60634 • tel: 773 622 5900 • fax: 773 622 5903
Please join us in prayer by watching our daily Mass and devotions:
Weekdays 8:00 AM
Sundays only 8:30 AM 
 We invite you to join us daily in church too. All limits are lifted.
Please consider giving online at:  and clicking donate button, here you can make a weekly offertory contribution to our St. Ferdinand Parish family and keep the vital ministries and services we provide going.  

If you prefer to make an offertory donation through cash or check, you can mail your donations to our parish office at St. Ferdinand Church 5900 W. Barry Ave, Chicago, IL 60634

May God grant you His peace during this difficult time and may He manifest His love and presence to you in abundant ways. God bless you.

Fr. Peter Gnoinski

Who is a Parishioner?

There are many people who come to the rectory asking for a baptism or marriage or to sign a letter saying he or she is a parishioner. When this happens, our parish secretary checks if they are considered registered, and many times, they are not considered registered.
So what makes a person a parishioner?
You are not a parishioner because your parents go here. You are not a parishioner because you went to school here. You are not a parishioner just because you come to Mass here!
Being a parishioner should be an easy process. You simply have to come to the rectory and fill out a registration form. You may download the registration form  then bring it to the rectory. You know you are a parishioner when envelopes are sent to you. It’s that easy! No fee; no ID cards are required!
Being a parishioner means that you are committed and invested in this parish. It means that you commit to keeping the parish vibrant, which means investment of your time, talents, and treasures to the parish. The parish would not be the same without our parishioners who make a difference and form the parish.
Thank you for your dedication and devotion!

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Download Sunday Bulletin
    Dear Parishioners and Friends of St Ferdinand Parish, I would like to share with you a Report on our St Ferdinand Parish Summer Fest 2022. It was a great success! We made $ 16,000 profit. 

    To some of you who know the numbers from our previous Parish Festivals, sixteen thousand dollars may not look like a big deal, but let me tell you why this year it is an amazing success. 

    1st – Year 2022 is still a recovery year from COVID 19 pandemic. It takes a lot of risk and trust in God and people to plan and run safely a mega parish festival.
2nd – Mrs Sophia Kass, who has been a wonderful Coordinator of St Ferdinand Summer Fest for 11 years, has informed our Parish Council early this year that unfortunately she cannot do it any longer and we need to find a New Coordinator for this very demanding ministry. We were searching for that New Coordinator for months, but nobody was ready to volunteer this year. That’s why Parish Council has cancelled our regular date with “Modern Midways” for this year. 

    3rd – Mr Robert Briggs, the President of “Modern Midways” gave us an offer: $ 10,000 for the use of our parking lots for new date: Father’s Day weekend: June 16-19. There was no need on our side to do anything for that money. He took care of all permits and fees. We added on our Parish side an indoor Bar with Karaoke station in our School Cafeteria and Bouncy Houses with Cotton Candy in our School Gym. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have any food stations this year based on our agreement and also due to lack of permits, time and volunteers. 

    Our profit is: $ 16,000: $ 10,800 paid by Modern Midways, plus: $ 3,183 a total profit from Bouncy Houses, Cotton Candy and Train Rides generously donated by the owner: Mr Norbert Garczynski, plus: $ 2,017 from our Liquor Bar.

    I would like to THANK ALL Parish Employees, especially our Operations Director, Mr Jeff Ryan for obtaining our permits; Mrs Grace Letkiewicz, our Secretary for her faithful service beyond her ordinary hours and duties; all of our Volunteers and Sponsors who made this year Parish Summer Fest a financial and social success. There were many helping hands and I don’t want to miss anybody so I will try to THANK ALL of YOU by the name of your Group and Leader.

    Mr & Mrs Ramel with Mrs Antos for their faithful watch over our Liquor Bar ticket sale; Peter Holod with Ushers & Men’s Club together with John Martinez and the Knights of Columbus for tending the Bar and Security service; The Camara Family and the Filipino Ministry for running the Karaoke entertainment; School Gym Volunteers responsible for ticket sale and watching the Bouncy Houses and Cotton candy: Mrs Beata Bosak and Youth Group, Mrs Joanna Stankiewicz and St Ferdinand Polish School Association Parents; Polish Highlanders; Good Shepherd; Rosary Groups; Mr Richard Wiltse and St. Ferdinand School Advisory Committee Parents; Kamil Andreasik and Friends operating the outdoor Sound System; Fr Luke and Friends for pictures; Mr Adam Strzepka and Mrs Agnieszka Prus for keeping our environment clean and safe; Seven-Eleven (Austin/Belmont) ; Montrose Deli; Mr Norbert Garczynski Family for his 7 Bouncy Houses, Train Rides and Cotton Candy and total donation of their profit to our Parish.

    Special THANKS to Mrs Sophia Kass, the “God-mother” of our Parish Summer Fest, because she with Mr Briggs and our Alderman and parishioner, Ariel E. Reboyras, took a great risk to have that “hybrid carnival version” of our Parish Fest this year on the very busy Father’s Day and Corpus Christi weekend. 

    Thanks be to God for all who donated their prayers, time, talent and money to this successful festival of our Parish Unity. Next year we plan to bring back our old version of Parish Fest. If you would like to become our New Coordinator of St Ferdinand Parish Summer Fest 2023, please contact me ASAP:

    Parish Fest and Corpus Christi Procession pictures available on our Parish Facebook:

Fr Peter

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our bulletin is our parish/school source of communication. Please remember to take a bulletin home; you can fund it by the side exit doors. 

Please pay special attention to the following announcements:

1. St. Ferdinand School is now accepting applications for PreK through 8th grade for the 2022-2023 school years. The school office is open Monday thru Friday from 7AM - 3:30PM

2.  This coming Tuesday, August 16th St. Ferdinand school begins First Day of School with a half of day ending at 11:30AM and On Wednesday August 17th begin a full day with Hot Lunch and Extended care.

3. St. Ferdinand Parish is seeking qualified volunteers to teach in our Religious Education Program. Individual(s) will encourage our children to know, to love and to serve God in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church. For more information and any questions please check our Sundays bulletin and/or contact our Director of Religious Education Beata Bosak or visit our parish website .

4. ​Couples celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary are invited to the Golden Wedding Anniversary Mass presided by Cardinal Cupich on Sunday September 18, 2022 at 2:30 p.m. at Holy Name Cathedral.
To register please call to the parish

5. Next weekend there will be second collection for the Annual Archdiocesan Summer Mission Appeal. Please be generous. Thank You.

6. This Monday August 15th, we will celebrate Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This year it is NOT a Holyday of obligation in the United States, therefore Masses will be celebrated at 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. Polish Masses will be at 9:30 AM & 7PM. The Parish Office will be Closed.